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Anne, Princess Royal is the second born child to the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. She has three brothers, one of which is King Charles III of England. She has two children with her first husband Captain Mark Phillips named Zara and Peter. She is an equestrian and competed in the 1976 Olympics. Since her 18th birthday she has carried over 20,000 social engagements. In July of 1982, she traveled to Manitoba and one of her stops included Selkirk.

Anne, Princess Royal and Goodwill
Princess Anne training her horse Goodwill before 1976 Olympics - Source:

A Princess in Selkirk

The day that the Princess came to Selkirk was a gloomy one, but a crowd of 200 welcomed her outside of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre. She received a tour of the facility and grounds. Next up on the Princesses schedule was a tour of our very own Marine Museum. Afterwards she attended the 1982 Canada Heritage Festival at Selkirk Park. The festival had around 5,000 people attend that year. She would go on to visit the Manitoba Rolling Mills and by this time there was nothing but sunny skies. She toured the facility alone. She had the option to tour a hot dog factor but kindly declined.

Princess Anne
Princess Anne in Selkirk during the 1982 Royal Tour - Source: Winnipeg Free Press

This visit to Manitoba was only going to be four days long but it was jam packed with lots of meetings, tours, press conferences, and lots more. Besides Selkirk the Princess traveled to Brandon and Winnipeg. On her way back from Brandon to Winnipeg the Princess realized she had lost her purse. The train stopped and went back to Brandon so that the Princess could retrieve it. 

Only two years after her visit to Selkirk the Princess Royal was almost kidnapped. The kidnapper was her vehicle driver. His name was Ian Ball. The Princesses body guard was shot protecting her. Ball told the Princess that he expected £2 million in ransom and told the Princess to get out of the car. According to reports the Princess refused to get out of the car saying “not bloody likely.” She was eventually saved by a pedestrian. He was a boxer named Ron Russell. As of September 2022 Ball is being held in Boardmoor Hospital and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Princess Anne
1970 - Source:

A Beloved Royal

The Princess’ visit to Manitoba was short, but that was enough for a lifetime of memories for all those who had met her. She is not the only royal to visit Selkirk. The Queen herself sailed on the R.M.S Lord Selkirk in 1970. The Princess Royal is now 16th in line for the Throne of England. She remains one of the most beloved Royals and will not hesitate to serve her brother. She did the same for her mother before her passing this past September. 

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