Historic Houses in the City of Selkirk

Selkirk has so many historic houses — some of which you probably pass by every day without even realizing!

Take a walk, bike, or drive through Selkirk and discover the history of our heritage houses and read all about them along the way.

Please do not enter any of the residential Heritage Houses — people still live there!

Historic Houses Tour map: PT 1

Historic Houses Tour map: PT 2

Historic Houses Tour map: PT 3

202 Vaughn Avenue

202 Vaughn Avenue Many of the homes on Vaughn appear on the first assessment rolls in 1890, indicating that they are perhaps even older than that. Several of these homes were built from a side-hall plan. You will see an especially fine example at 202 and others at 205 and 227. An early duplex can…

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360 Eveline Street

360 Eveline Street The Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Lake Winnipeg Railway Company was formed by a group of local businessmen in 1901 to provide passenger and freight services for residents. By 1906, the line was electrified, and directorship of the company was turned over to the Winnipeg Electric Company. The line ran along Eveline Street until…

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Manitoba Avenue

Manitoba Avenue As you walk along Manitoba Avenue, look at the tops of the buildings; these squared-off tops, known as “Boom-town” fronts, give the small buildings an impression of size. They also gave the merchant a place to paint a sign. Notice the variation in the tops of numbers 238, and 240. The shape of…

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