Established in 2012, the Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund was established by the City of Selkirk as a perpetual endowment fund that will support the ongoing operational costs of a new municipal heritage museum.

Until such a museum is established, the fund provides annual grants to the Marine Museum of Manitoba and the city’s museum, which is hosted online at this time.

Your Donations Are Permanent Gifts and Leave a Legacy

Donations made to the fund are permanently held and invested by the Selkirk and District Community Foundation. The income generated from these investments is used to help fund the the creation of a the Selkirk Museum, fund the Marine Museum of Manitoba, and other heritage projects across the city. By donating to the Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund, you are helping preserve our city’s history for future generations.

Donate Today

Making a donation to the Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund and leaving a lasting legacy is easy, and it’s tax deductible. You can make a donation today by doing one of the following ways:


Please note that you will be redirected to Canada Helps – Canada’s largest social enterprise. Your gift will then be transferred to and held by the Selkirk and District Community Foundation

By Mail or In Person

Please contact the Selkirk & District Community Foundation.

Phone(204) 785-9755

The Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund is held and professionally managed by the Selkirk & District Community Foundation.

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