1919 Victory Parade Selkirk

Streets in Selkirk

Have you ever wondered why the streets and avenues of Selkirk have the name they do? Now you can find out why with our walking tour.

See the points of interest and read about the famous, infamous and forgotten characters our streets are named for. View artifacts that chronicle Selkirk, the area and it’s history.

Explore the tour using the map below, or seamlessly follow along with the Driftscape website or app!

This is a picture of Queen Victoria. She is wearing a gold gown and a red and silver crown. She is pale with brown hair that is short.

Queen Avenue

Queen Avenue honours Queen Victoria who ruled the Great Britain from 1837 to 1901. Victoria became queen of England when she was just 18 years

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Picture of a busy Robinson Avenue from the 1990s. The road is occupied by a truck moving materials, people walking and biking.

Robinson Avenue

Robinson Avenue is named for Captain William Robinson, a man of many talents who grew rich in shipping, timber and fishing. Robinson’s fleet of fishing

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This is a black and white photo of Lady Dufferin. She has her hair done up and is wearing a fancy button up dress, coat, and bow.

Dufferin Avenue

This street honours Lord Dufferin, Canada’s third Governor-General. It is on the Selkirk Town Plan of 1875. On August 17, 1877, Lord and Countess of

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Museum banner for Morris

Morris Avenue

Morris Avenue is named for Manitoba’s second Lieutenant-Governor, Alexander Morris.  Morris was given a street name on the earliest plan of the town. Why? Because

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Photo of the lumber yard that used to be on Superior Avenue in the 1900s.

Superior Avenue

Superior Avenue points eastward to Lake Superior from where the rail line from Eastern Canada was inching its way west in 1875. The next step

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This is a black and white photo of a street with tall building on either side.

Manitoba Avenue

Manitoba was Canada’s fifth province and its first expansion into the west. Selkirk was one of the first new towns in this new province. With

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