Manitoba Avenue

Manitoba Avenue has been home to some of Selkirk’s longest standing businesses – and it still is. Take a stroll, bike, or drive along this historic street, and learn about some of the best remembered businesses from days past. 

Picture of a people in front of the Garry Theatre. You can observe the featured moving sign overhang above the entrance.

Garry Theatre

Rothstein Theatres Ltd. entered the Selkirk market in 1938 when it took over the Central Theatre on Eveline Street. Nathan Rothstein was well known in

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Photo showing the post office in the 1930s.

Old Post Office

250 Manitoba Avenue Selkirk’s first post office was opened in 1876 with James Colcleugh as postmaster. Construction of the present building began in 1907 by

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Photo that captures the front and sides of the Merchant's Hotel. This photo shows the buildings multiple levels.

The Merchant’s Hotel

383 Eveline Street The first Merchant’s Hotel on this property was built in 1887 by John Christian Schultz. The original building was moved back in

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Trader’s Bank

389 Eveline Street Garson Quarries of Tyndall began work on the foundation of this building in July 1903. J. M. Beattie was in charge of

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Gibbs’ Drug Store

In the late 1800s town physicians would often combine their profession with that of pharmacy. Many physicians would open and operate the first pharmacies in

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Rifkin’s Department Store

Immigrating to Selkirk  Abraham Rifkin immigrated from Shadrinsk, Russia to New York, USA. His wife and children, Louis, Izzy, Benny, Sarah, Harry, and Gordon slowly

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