Group photo of the Selkirk Jr. B fisherman players celebrating and holding a trophy

People from Selkirk

Selkirk has been and still is home to some extraordinary people over the years. Some gave their lives for a better tomorrow, others traveled the world, created recreation, and gave transportation. Learn how these great individuals shaped our beautiful city into what it is today.

The Purvis Family

Coming to Selkirk The Purvis Family is responsible for one of the oldest Selkirk based businesses. It all began when William Robert Purvis and his

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Black and white banner for Richard Gilhuly

Richard Gilhuly

Richard Henry Gilhuly is best known by the community as the owner of Gilhuly’s Drug Store. He was born in Carleton Place, Ontario in 1857,

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Black and white museum banner for William Gordon

William Earl Gordon

William “Bill” Earl Gordon was born July 27th, 1890 in Drayton, Ontario. His father, William Henry Gordon was an analytical man and a lawyer, which

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Black and white banner for Harold Newton

Harold Newton

Harold W. Newton immigrated to Selkirk from Lincolnshire where he took up work as the Farm Superintendent at the Manitoba Asylum (now Selkirk Mental Health Centre). He

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Black and white museum banner for William Gibbs

William Gibbs

William Gibbs is best known for being one of two bakers in Selkirk during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Gibbs name is remembered

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Banner picture for the Langois family

Langlois Family

Coming to Selkirk Alphonse Langlois was born in Terrebonne, Quebec in 1844. He married a French Arcadian woman, Marie Cartier, from New Brunswick. The large

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