Group photo of the Selkirk Jr. B fisherman players celebrating and holding a trophy.

People from Selkirk

Selkirk has been and still is home to some extraordinary people over the years. Some gave their lives for a better tomorrow, others traveled the world, created recreation, and gave transportation. Learn how these great individuals shaped our beautiful city into what it is today.

Thomas Sinclair Jr.

Thomas Sinclair was the son of Hannah Cummings and Thomas Sinclair Sr. Thomas Sinclair Jr. was a well-liked, Métis man who lived in the Selkirk

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Dr. David Young

Early Career Dr. David Young was born in Sarnia, Ontario on February 18th, 1847. He graduated with a medical degree from Queens University in 1871.

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Robert Smith

Through the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, Selkirk was home to not only one of the most generous men, but one of the most

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Chuck Norquay

Chuck was born on November 10th, 1955. He was a genuine, outgoing, people-loving person, who had an infectious passion for fishing. This passion ultimately led

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The Grabowski Family

The Grabowski Family were not unlike other families in Selkirk, Manitoba during the 1950s and beyond. They were kind, hardworking, and attended church every Sunday.

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Picture of a mural depicting the member of the Dufferin Gang that were in the Air Force

The Dufferin Gang

During the Second World War, men and women from across the globe enlisted in the military together to fight for their countries. At the time,

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