Photo of a streetcar traveling down a street with a gentleman watching it pass by.

Places in Selkirk

Selkirk has a vast amount of places where people have been able to unwind, explore, and enjoy themselves over the years. Explore what Selkirk has to offer such as parks, historical homes, buildings, and the popular pool. Take a tour, stay for a while.

Selkirk Fire Department

Humble Beginnings As with many early pioneer settlements, Selkirk’s fire protection was left to bucket brigades and whatever citizens were available to assist in battling

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Picture of the original Selkirk water tower from 1913.

Selkirk Water Tower

In September of 1906, Selkirk ratepayers voted in favour of allowing its municipal government to borrow up to $150,000 to install a waterworks and sewer

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Picture of the original Selkirk arena

Selkirk Arena

Selkirk’s first indoor arena was established in 1907.  John W. Jones purchased the outdoor rink used by the Selkirk Skating Club on Fox Avenue near

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Outside view of memorial hall.

Memorial Hall

In February 1946, a group of people (representing more than two dozen community organizations) came together under the chairmanship of Louis G. Howard to form

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Picture of a people in front of the Garry Theatre. You can observe the featured moving sign overhang above the entrance.

Garry Theatre

Rothstein Theatres Ltd. entered the Selkirk market in 1938 when it took over the Central Theatre on Eveline Street. Nathan Rothstein was well known in

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