Photo of a streetcar traveling down a street with a gentleman watching it pass by.

Places in Selkirk

Selkirk has a vast amount of places where people have been able to unwind, explore, and enjoy themselves over the years. Explore what Selkirk has to offer such as parks, historical homes, buildings, and the popular pool. Take a tour, stay for a while.

C.G.S. Bradbury

The C.G.S. Bradbury was prefabricated in Sorel, Quebec, and later assembled along the bank of the Selkirk Slough in 1915. The ship was made of

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Gilbart Funeral Home

The four-generation business, Gilbart Funeral Home, begins with James Maurice Gilbart. Maurice and his wife, Muriel Dixon were married in their hometown of Elkhorn, Manitoba.

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Selkirk Asylum

Manitoba Asylum

The Asylum’s Beginnings The history of asylums begins at the turn of the 19th century in England, with the United States quickly following suit. Since

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Selkirk Fire Department

Humble Beginnings As with many early pioneer settlements, Selkirk’s fire protection was left to bucket brigades and whatever citizens were available to assist in battling

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