Just as our community has been built by the dedication and generosity of visionary citizens, so too has the Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund.  We thank all those who have been inspired to give.

Be proud about supporting our heritage sites! We keep track of the contributions you give to the Selkirk Heritage Endowment Fund. If you donate a certain amount over time, you’ll receive a limited edition lapel pin that you can proudly wear to show your support to our city. Pin-wearers will also receive exclusive invites to SHEF fundraising events!


City of Selkirk

$50,000 – $99,999

$10,000 – $49,999

$5,000 – $9,999

$2,500 – $4,999

Duane Nicol & Erin Nosal
Noventis Credit Union

$1,000 – $2,499

Ashley & Barb Martyniw
Gabriel Gély & Dorothy Myhal-Gély

$250 – $999

Alison Sinclair
David L. Moore
Dan & Sheila Thorsteinson
Edith Henrichsen
George Pasieka
Ken & Olof Hardy
Laurel & Rob Sarginson
Selkirk Community Arts Centre
Selkirk Friendship Centre

$1 – $249

Adrian & Maureen De Boer
Allan Bailey
April Hourie
Barbara Knoll & Bern Bileski
Bernice Hilts
Beverley & Gordon Hart
Bill & Lynn Shead
Charlie Veters
Crystal Gustafson
Dan & Penny Payne
Dan & Sheila Thorsteinson
Darrell & Deborah Fey
Denise Martel
Diane Meredith
Dianne and Ken Veitch
Edythe & Gordon Lenton
Fraser & Bev Stewart
Fern Kirton
Gail Monkman
Gayle Halliwell
Gord & Charlene Henrikson
Gordon Cameron
Harvey Dann
Hazel Perrie
Helen Aime
Henry & Jean Kordalchuk
Irene Foster
Jacqueline Bercier Carter
Jean Olson
Jean & Henry Kordalcuk
Joe Bukoski
Joe & Pat Pellaers/Selkirk Autobody
Joen Hadfield
John & Debbie Buffie
John & Joyce Shead
Joyce Harbour
Kelly Lewis
Ken & Theresa Beerman
Kim Moore
Kyla Ray
Laura Paradoski
Laura Scherza
Lisa Jablonski
Lord Selkirk Toastmasters
Lorie Fiddler
Lyn Hotchkiss
Lynn & Bill Shead
Margaret Katzeley
Maureen & Adrian De Boer
Nicholas Mulcahy
Patricia Bird
Robert & Doreen Oliver
Roberta Martin
Roger & Patricia Stagg
Ron & Bev Clegg
Ron & Corrie Corrigal
Ruth Christie
Ruth Rolfe
Samantha Roberts
Sig & Angie Banmann
Seigfried & Angelica Banmann
Shelly Leonard
Stan Halbesma
Steeltown Ford Sales 1980 LTD
Sunova Credit Union Selkirk
William & Gail Bodman