Photo showing a parade float consisting of a horse and buggy. A banner reading "Peace" is strung across it.



Since its establishment in 1882, Selkirk has seen many significant events throughout its 140 year history. Celebrations such as Canada Day and the Triple S Fair and Rodeo are among the most prominent gatherings that come to mind for many Selkirkian’s, but what about the events that have been forgotten over the years? Check back here for articles on the defining moments and festivals that brought our community together.

Photo showing ad for a Foto-Nite event in Selkirk


Some may think “Foto-Nite” is a misspelling of Photo Night, but that is not the case here. Foto-Nite was a promotional event to boost the attendance of theatres during the weekdays. Foto-Nite at the Selkirk Rothstein Theatre’s Ltd. were held from 1952 to 1962. What is Foto-Nite? The concept was copy written in 1939 by…

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