Historic HousesPhoto of the front of Comber House, better known to the locals of Selkirk as Gilbart's Funeral Home found at 309 Eveline. A Larger building with multiple levels and a attached chapel.

309 Eveline Street

This grand old Queen Anne-style house was built prior to 1890 for Edwin F. Comber, Chief Engineer at the Asylum, financial agent, librarian, electrician, inventor, and prominent citizen of Selkirk.

It is constructed of brick on a wooden frame with a truncated pyramidal roof. Note the variety of windows: bay, Palladian, and leaded glass. Although it has been altered to suit its present use as a funeral home, it retains the original woodwork and staircase inside.

Comber lost the house due to bad investments. It was used as a private residence until 1935 when it was occupied by the Gilbart Funeral Home, named for founder J. Maurice Gilbart (1896-1944). An attached chapel was built in 1958 and, in 1970, property on the south side was purchased for use as a parking lot. The upper floor of the house was turned into storage space. A 200-person reception hall was built at the back of the building in 2017.