NewsNews & UpdatesHeadshot picture of one of the Dufferin Gang members named Jack Norquay.

In the early 1900s Dufferin Avenue was a very close-knit street. The children on the block would always be playing together, developing a bond which would last a lifetime.

In 1939 Canada declared war on Germany and the residents of Selkirk responded as if the war was happening outside of their door.

A locally famous group dubbed “The Dufferin Gang” consisted of 31 men and women that all enlisted to fight in the Second World War.

The stories of the Dufferin Gang are integral to the history of our community. The descendants of these brave men and women shared their family members stories with the heritage team at the City of Selkirk. We’d like to thank those who have worked on gathering this information with us over the past year. We hope that exhibit on The Dufferin Gang honours these remarkable people as veterans and as citizens of Selkirk. 

To read these stories, head over to The Dufferin Gang.

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