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The 17th century printing press changed the way people received information forever. The first newspaper was printed in german by Johann Carolus and was titled “Account of all Distinguished and Commemorable News.” In the last 150 years the newspaper has become very important in shaping many people’s opinions. Because the newspaper became so popular, and companies printed so much at once, it drove the cost down which made it easier for lots of people to enjoy it. Unfortunately, this did not last.

In the 1920s, companies began broadcasting their news instead of printing newspapers. Again, in the 1950s the T.V. replaced the radio and today our phones have (mostly) replaced television. Today newspapers have tried everything to stay afloat by making their product available online. This is good for those who read the newspaper because you now don’t even need to leave your house to get the newspaper. No more embarrassing bed head walks to the end of the driveway for your daily paper. 

Selkirk Record

Selkirk got two papers at the end of World War 2. They were the Selkirk Record and the Selkirk Journal. This created the Selkirk Enterprise. Their editor G.C. Kroft was quoted saying

“Today we realise that we are at the threshold of a new day in Selkirk. In the very future change must occur a much different position in the province.”  –  Selkirk the First Hundred years

Newspaper from 1927 describing the weekly events in Selkirk
Early issue of the Selkirk Weekly Record, 1927

This newspaper symbolized change for Selkirk because it gave the town the ability to print its own news. Selkirk was once known for its fishing port which the Record would frequently report on. There were lots of news columns about the lumber industry and the local docks. As Selkirk grew so did the paper. Today the Selkirk Record also serves Selkirk’s surrounding areas. This paper came a long way from just serving our small town to now serving more than one. 

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