Banner portrait of organizations

Organizations in Selkirk

Explore the rich history of organizations in Selkirk! These exhibits unveil the enduring community spirit that has shaped this City. From the humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, these stories offer invaluable insights into Selkirk’s vibrant past.

Black and white featured banner image of the Selkirk Fire Department

Selkirk Fire Department

Humble Beginnings As with many early pioneer settlements, Selkirk’s fire protection was left to bucket brigades and whatever citizens were available to assist in battling

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Photo shows the front of the Eaton Masonic Hall. The front door overhang supported by two pillars. Two windows on either side of the building

Masonic Lodge

209 Eaton Avenue The Lisgar Masonic Lodge is the second oldest Masonic lodge in Manitoba. It received its dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Canada

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A side profile picture of the Selkirk Transit bus.

Selkirk Transit

Getting the Wheels Rolling The potential for Selkirk to have affordable and accessible transportation was first articulated as something to consider by mayoral candidate David

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Picture of the front entrance to the original Selkirk Public Library. Large arched entrance with two large windows on either side.

Selkirk Library

Library and Reading Room A citizens group called the Selkirk Literary Association was established around 1879, primarily to bring speakers to the town and to

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