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Selkirk is no stranger to fame! A lot of movies and TV shows have been filmed here. If you are from Selkirk, it is not hard to spot familiar landmarks, buildings, and locations as they appear on the screen.

Let’s take a look at some of the films and TV shows shot in Selkirk and what landmarks can be spotted.

The popular television show Burden of Truth showcased many recognizable Selkirk locations. This Canadian TV show starred Kristin Kreuk (Small Ville, Space Milkshake, Street Fighter) and Peter Mooney (Betting on the Bride, Summer’s Blood, Rookie Blue) as lawyers. They fight for the future of small-town Millwood, while Kreuk’s character Joanna Chang is confronted by a secret from her past.

For four seasons, the Bronze Boot Tavern, Riverside Grill, Selkirk Waterfront, and Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School were prominent locations in the series. Also featured were the Garry Theatre, the Mighty Kiwi, and the Marine Museum.

Excitement was high on the streets of Selkirk during filming. Movie trucks became a common sight in town as 50 of the first season’s shooting days were right here in Selkirk. To celebrate the airing of Burden of Truth, in 2018, the City of Selkirk held a “flag-raising ceremony” at the Selkirk Waterfront. The flag belonged to the fictional city of Millwood.

Burden of Truth at the Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School Track and Field Grounds, 2018-2021, CBC Facebook
Burden of Truth at the Bronze Tavern, 2018-2021, CBC
Burden of Truth at the Riverside Grill, 2018-2021, Erin Lebar Winnipeg Free Press

A popular general release movie from 2017 was a Dog’s Purpose. Although it was mainly located in Winnipeg, many scenes were also shot around Selkirk. Lockport’s Half Moon Drive In was featured as was a farmhouse near Selkirk. The film, which starred Dennis Quaid (Jaws, The Rookie), Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast), and Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland, The Longest Ride) follows Bailey the dog as he discovers the meaning of life. The sequel, A Dog’s Journey was released in 2019, and used Winnipeg and surrounding areas for filming locations.

Another movie based in Selkirk was Fractured in 2019. This Netflix Original stars Sam Worthington (Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water), Lily Rabe (Shrinking, Love & Death), and Lucy Capri (Big Tree City, Minibods). The old Selkirk General Hospital was used intensively in this movie. A couple take their daughter into a hospital with a fractured arm but once they get there nothing is as it seems. The outside of the hospital, ambulance bay, parking lot, inside of the emergency room, and various hallways and rooms can be viewed throughout the film. 

Another Netflix Original movie that showcases Selkirk’s Manitoba Ave is Run. The movie starred, Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Hatchet) and Kiera Allen (Roommates, Ethan & Skye) was released in 2020. Sarah Paulson plays an overprotective mother whose daughter, played by Kiera Allen, is supposedly terminally ill. Her daughter Chloe starts looking into her mother’s secrets and finds more than she anticipated. The Garry Theatre and most of Manitoba Ave are featured in this movie.

A Dogs Purpose at Selkirk Farmhouse, 2017, YouTube
Fractured at the Old Selkirk General Hospital, 2019, Netflix
Run on Manitoba Avenue, 2020,

Selkirk will never be camera shy. There have been so many more movies and TV shows filmed in Selkirk like Capote (2005), Channel Zero (2016-2018), Cinema of Sleep (2021), and Champion (2023). Movie and television crews will always be welcomed onto our stomping grounds. Have you seen Selkirk in other films and TV shows?

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